Sunday, February 22

10 Deep.

Kids-8 by you.

Yesterday I performed my civic duty in showing the Skate Crew from Manassas around these parts. It was a day full of bombing hills, nollie heels and McDonald's. Watching ten kids speed down a hill downtown at 30 MPH all wearing black with their hoods up glowing in the orange street lights at night is a pretty cool sight.

Kids-27 by you.

Anyways, more pictures up over at theworsteyes.

Monday, February 9


Day Two-8 by you.Day Two-9 by you.

Jet-lagged, I arrived back home tonight from hiking around ground zero of Chernoybl. They have recently opened it as a tourist attraction where you can customize "I Survived Chernobyl" T-Shirts and eat CherNuggets. Unfortunately to maintain the history of the area, the place still looks gloomy and blue. There is also a place where you can watch reenactments of various events that includes gunfire and explosions. It was pretty fun.

Sunday, February 8


May-9 by you.

As much as I love the hectic yet satisfying city life, sometimes I just need to reconnect with the moral compass that is nature. And there's no better way to do that than to go to a children's petting farm. This weekend, I opted out of the lavish parties and fine caviar to go pet some deer or antelope or whatever those animals were at Richmond's Maymont Park. After seeing these poor animals fenced in and considering making an Amnesty International for Wildlife, we threw around the ol' pigskin made with real pigskin! Having that once living pig leave my fingertips as I launched it across the field really made me think back on my varsity days. If only I didn't tear my ACL...

Tuesday, February 3

Some Real News For A Change.

First off, I would like to apologize for my leave of absence. Due to my status around these parts, I was contacted by a special squad in Richmond requesting some aid. I cannot mention what I helped with but I was deep undercover for weeks and cannot say anymore. But I will post this... And warning, the following conversation between a certain old VCU Police Chief and a alleged little girl may be explicit for some:

Hotcop2006 (11:13:13 PM): hey asl
Hannahmontana2012 (11:13:16 PM): 14/f/va you
Hotcop2006 (11:13:20 PM): oooo a VIRGINian, eh?
Hannahmontana2012 (11:13:31 PM): lol mmaayyybbeee
Hotcop2006 (11:13:36 PM): 35/m/va where are you in virginia?
Hannahmontan2012 (11:13:45 PM): loli live in richmond
Hotcop2006 (11:14:01 PM): What’s your name? My name’s Willy, but the ladies just call me big.
Hannahmontana2012 (11:14:14 PM): ooooh really? my name is beyonce and I have big smooth lips and hair that I bleach and humongous C cups.
Hotcop2006 (11:14:27 PM): Soooo hot. Hey, no kidding! I live in glen allen. But I work in Richmond.
Hannahmontana2012 (11:14:37 PM): wow thats hot. my exboyfrend didnt have no job and thats why im not with him no more.
Hotcop2006 (11:14:50 PM): awww how old was he?
Hannahmontana2012 (11:15:02 PM): 13. boyz suck lol
Hotcop2006 (11:15:13 PM): awww i’m sorry. that’s why you need a man instead
Hotcop2006 (11:15:16 PM): you wouldn’t have to worry about that with me. I could take care of you.
Hotcop2006 (11:15:23 PM): hehe what do you look like?
Hannahmontana2012 (11:15:30 PM): lol if you give me your addy i cud send you a pik
Hotcop2006 (11:15:32 PM): Sweet! Sure!
Hotcop2006 (11:17:04 PM): WWWOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!
Hotcop2006 (11:17:13 PM): G----- girl, those is some NIICCEE legs you got theremmm i wish I could get those tosies in my mouf
Hotcop2006 (11:17:16 PM): what’s yur favorte part about yr bod?
Hannahmontana2012 (11:17:24 PM): my hair i guess Ohh yEAH and also i just got this bathandbody works cranberry nailpolish that SMELLLS AMAZINGGGG!! :D
Hotcop2006 (11:17:26 PM): Mmhmmmmmm
Hannahmontana2012 (11:17:30 PM): oh, so yer a vcu policeman?
Hotcop2006 (11:17:45 PM): Uhh yeah why
Hannahmontana2012 (11:17:56 PM): i just really like cops and all. wearing black is sexy. an I luv it when a boy overpowers me.
Hannahmontana2012 (11:18:09 PM): I herd from my friend michelle whose a sophomore and her boyfriend that they were really mean to kids who were trying to just have a few drinks and stuff. like that they would be in houses or stuff and then the police would just pry open the doors with batons and just force their way without any regard to needing warrants or anything. like, i thought that was aganst virginia code and stuff.
Hotcop2006 (11:18:14 PM): Uh huh thats how i take care of you girll. the money has to come from somewhere. that’s what your boyfriend couldn’t figure out
Hannahmontana2012 (11:18:26 PM): wadya mean lol ;)
Hotcop2006 (11:18:35 PM): well bill pantele talks to fan district association who give him the means to take care of me and then I get the means to take care of you. damn girl my d--- all hard
Hannahmontana2012 (11:18:42 PM): ohhh so hot
Hannahmontana2012 (11:18:49 PM): i heard he likes to touch himself at work, too
Hotcop2006 (11:18:53 PM): haha you heard about that?
Hannahmontana2012 (11:19:00 PM): yessss I heart older men. when I herd about that, i just got all hot, thinking about that combover sticking to his sweaty forehead. that leather office chair sticking to his shirt.
Hannahmontana2012 (11:19:02 PM): i’d luv to c-- see you
Hotcop2006 (11:19:05 PM): I’d love that, too. we could make that happen.
Hotcop2006 (11:19:11 PM): my belt is made out of leather, you know.
Hannahmontana2012 (11:19:23 PM): but its like this. my friend michelle an me we dont go to the parties next to the basketball court staydeum no more cuz cause shez scared
Hannahmontana2012 (11:19:36 PM): thats prob why pantele lost the mayor rac cuz he isolated all the renters by brutalizing them, gambled on the wealthier but smaller homeowner crowd for contributions, but he lost all the votes in the second district.
Hotcop2006 (11:19:43 PM): damn girl you know a LOT ABOUT POLITICS and its getting me soo hot. i just cant stop looking at your pics.
Hannahmontana2012 (11:19:50 PM): I’d love to come party in rva wit you but yoand the boys get a lil intense lol
Hotcop2006 (11:20:07: PM): ;) well, if maybe youd party with me you wouldnt have to worry about that.
Hannahmontana2012: waddya mean, youd do a speshul favor for me?
Hotcop2006 (11:20:14 PM): heh yeah of course, only for specal ladies lick you though. im kind of a BIG ;) deal around here. Before you come down, just let me know where you wanna party and ill make sure its chill.
Hotcop2006 (11:20:20 PM): you like toparty, huh? have you ever tried soco?
Hannahmontana2012 (11:20:22 PM): wats that
Hotcop2006 (11:20:27 PM): it tastes just like southern sugar baby
Hotcop2006 (11:21:02 PM): kind of like i bet you taste. I wan to lick you up like you was the leftovers of spaghetti all over a dinner plate
Hannamontana2012 (11:21:04 PM): lol thanks hows your typing going
Hotcop2006 (11:21:38 PM): sh-- girl you really got me going one hand tis hard
Hannahmontana2012 (11:21:41 PM): yea?
Hotcop2006 (11:21:47 PM): hell yes girl
Hotcop2006 (11:22:05 PM): just tell me where you are going to be maybe next time before you and your little friend go out and ill make sure that your house doesnt get raided
Hannahmontana2012 (11:22:10 PM): you know what id really like though?
Hotcop2006 (11:22:14 PM): wat
Hannahmontana2012 (11:22:21 PM): if maybe you did bust my party
Hotcop2006 (11:22:23 PM): ohhh yeaahhh
Hannahmontana2012 (11:22:27 PM): bust my party wide open
Hotcop2006 (11:22:34 PM): you want me to force my way in
Hannahmontana (11:22:42 PM): you smell my lip gloss
Hotcop2006 (11:22:48 PM): oh so smoooooot
Hannamontana (11:22:53 PM): do you need a warrant?
Hotcop2006 (11:23:04 PM): f--- no girl
Hannahmontana2012 (11:23:08 PM): do yo need that warrant to go inside
Hotcop2006 (11:23:34 PM): hellll no girl hell no give me that fine f---ing spanish fly a--
Hotcop2006 (11:23:46 PM): oh shit gurl i just b--- all over this leather belt
Hotcop2006 (11:24:30 PM): Beyonce?
Hotcop2006 (11:26:03): hey, whats your number again?
Hannahmontana2012 (11:40:54 PM): willy my mom just came in the room. i gotta go. but dont worry i got your email and ill let you know when im in rva, mmmmk?


Yep, that's right. Do what you will with that information. It was put up on TimesDispatch for a bit but was pulled. I'm no hero, never was. I'm just an old killer, hired to do some wet work. Secondly, I'd like to answer a few questions that have come upon my flooded inbox. Again, I apologize for not coming back sooner.

Hey! Where are your posts? I'm about to take you off my RSS Feed. You suck!

Love, HappyGirl06

Dear HappyGirl,

Thank you for your concern. Hopefully if you haven't deleted this blog from your blog roll, you will have read where I have been and why I haven't been posting. Sorry again. However, I don't think I suck. You suck for only posting a comment for the first time saying that I suck for not posting anything at all. So suck it.

In conclusion, sometimes even the most popular, connected man and his blog can get down if no one comments him. So please leave a kind message saying anything you'd like. Anything kind (example: Hey, that was reallly funny man! or HAHAHAHAH post more about this!) I need feedback suckas. Also I'm looking for more writers. For now, wheaties must suffice for only the sports dudes.