Thursday, November 4


It's that time of internet life again where we relocate one blog to another. Expect steady updates soon at For now, head over to temp blog,

Friday, August 20


There have been many rumors floating about on the whereabouts of myself. Well I am here to set the record straight. AznSupreme23 says that he spotted me in Malibu shooting a video for Kanye, well we all know Ye has risen to a level where he refuses shoot a video on his home planet of Earth anymore. LEGEND. speculates that I was snooping around where I shouldn't have been and got shot with my camera. That's obviously not true.

The truth is fairly simple. When I used to talk about being in Paris making movies, I now am in Paris making movies. I used to have time to lie and make up extravagant stories. Now, I simply don't. Bon voyage bitches.

But don't worry. Although the photographs are gone, the videos will pop up from time to time. And if you haven't had your fix of the best videos ever made by a guy my age with my equipment in the town of Richmond dealing with hip hop, then just take a look at the new spawn of artists with their Hi-Def cameras and their iMovie skills.

To them, my advice: If you are going to cut (drag clips to make shorter) in iMovie and have type, do not use that generic font. Also, if you asked me what type of camera I use and went out and bought it, use it correctly. Turn the hi-def on. Lock the exposure. And please, focus.

For everyone else, the photoblog will return. And I will return with a new blog once I return from Paris (and graduate).

Thursday, May 6


To all those who don't read the hip hop blogs but read mine, a recent video of mine was leaked online. I posted Nickelus F's EPK the other night on Vimeo and went to bed to wait for it to upload. I woke up to set it to private only to find it everywhere online. This is unfortunate because we forgot to add a very important part which now will not be known until later.

Anyways this is the extended version of the leaked EPK.

Tuesday, April 6

Wilco Show.

Wilco-14 by theworsteyes.

The other night Wilco came to The National here in Richmond and performed a full show all by themselves. Tickets were sold out 18 minutes after the show but I got a call that morning and managed to take some photos. I read somewhere that the doors opened at 8 so I arrived at 8. Unfortunately, I misread. Doors opened at seven and I arrived just in time to miss the first three songs and my ability to get up close to the band.

Wilco-11 by theworsteyes.

I managed to get some decent shots with my 85mm from the crowd. Despite spotting my middle aged professors lower their heads to light a blunt during the performances, the show was quite enjoyable. Packed to the rafters but enjoyable.
Wilco-2 by theworsteyes.

Check out more photos over at theworsteyes.

Sunday, April 4

Chasing 'Chasing Forever'.

2AM-8 by theworsteyes.

Millz's new mixtape Chasing Forever is almost out and I am pretty hyped about it. I've heard most of the reference tracks and can't wait for the release. As well as the release of all the videos we did. It's been months!

Right now we're editing the video for Understand Me, the second music video that will be debuted sometime in the future. It was shot last week with the whole 2AM team making an appearance. This one's gonna be a scorcher!

Check out more pictures of them and Deji getting punched over at theworsteyes.

Thursday, April 1


Want-1 by theworsteyes.

We shot some footage on one of the colder days of Spring so far. The official lookbook is going to be out soon along with a little behind the scenes video, stay tuned.

For an unofficial preview, check out theworsteyes.

Sunday, March 28

Aggressive Content.

Expect more and more from this dude every week because there will be more and more to come out from him until his album drops mid May. Who else is excited? Whoooooo.

Video done by Smooth Dirty Productions.

Saturday, March 20

Drake and Jack.

This is the second video of my collaboration with painter Jack Labadie. This time around he painted Drake and if you remember it's pretty ballin' for lack of a better word. Be sure to check out his website and blog as well as catching the first video of ours.

You Don't Know Jack
Jack Labadie Site

Season Premiere Trailer.

If you haven't already seen it, here it is. Nickelus F. Season Premiere. Trailer. You might have seen us running around Carytown getting hit by cars, if so you might be in the video! You'd think I'd have it up here sooner but I was late yet again. If you don't have the single you can get it below.

I've heard this album, do not sleep on this because it will wake you up when everybody else is playing it. Trust me! I am the most reputable source in all of hip-hop and the most read blog in the continental US.

Download Nickelus F - Shine On feat. XV

Monday, March 15


ShamRock-4 by theworsteyes.

We shot a music video for Nickelus F this weekend. Just finished editing it a few hours ago and it is now in the hands of a few. Great feedback so far so be sure to check this out in like, three months. HA!

ShamRock-1 by theworsteyes.

Shout out to David Beckham for the cameo. Get well soon buddy! More pics over at theworsteyes.

Sunday, March 14

High Fidelity.

High Fidelity-21 by theworsteyes.

Super late on this one, but it's over anyways so too bad. My buddies Nickelus F and Millz went down to William and Mary to perform with Kooley High and Tanya Morgan for their High Fidelity Tour.

High Fidelity-9 by theworsteyes.

W&M SHHO hosted a great show as VCU SHHO made an appearance along with some VCU breakers.

High Fidelity-1 by theworsteyes.

High Fidelity-23 by theworsteyes.

More photos at theworsteyes.